‘Burgh Buddies: Kim So Ye – Moves

Burgh Buddies Kim MovesKim So Ye (Kim) along with her parents Jeon Jin Ye (John) and Lee Ji Ye (Lee) finally reach the end of their long journey. Her father’s new promotion meant a move for the family. Not to a new town or a new city, but from South Korea, half-way around the world to Pittsburgh.

Kim walks out of the airport terminal. Even though her parents are with her Kim feels alone and exhausted. The plane ride had taken forever and Kim knows their taxi ride will feel just as long. When they reach their apartment, knots form in Kim’s stomach. Strange buildings tower over her. As they go up the elevator the knots in her stomach tighten. Kim makes her way to her room. Her things are stacked in boxes and her bed is bare. She is unable to go into her room and leaves her luggage in the hallway. Kim walks out to the living room and just

Kim replies, “I miss my old friends and our old apartment.”

“I’m sure your friends miss you, too. When we get the computer set up you can skype and write them.”

Kim gazes down at her feet and says sadly, “It’s not the same.”

Mrs. Ye knows how hard this must be on Kim but she does her best to cheer her up. “It’s going to take time. Soon you’ll love our new home just as much as the old one.”

Kim hugs her mom and hopes she’s right.

Kim misses friends - Burgh BuddiesKim spends the next few days unpacking her things. She pulls out all of her clothes first. Kim has nowhere to go, but she wouldn’t want to wear the same outfit twice in one week. She takes out her drawings and hopes they will cheer her up. The pictures are of her friends from home and it only makes Kim miss them more.

Kim’s father enters, “Knock, Knock.”

Kim turns to him, “Hi daddy. How was your day?”

“Good. I have a surprise for you.”

“A surprise! Ohhh! What is it? What is it?”

“This weekend we’re going to a baseball game.”

Kim jumps up and down eagerly, “Wow! That’s great, my first professional baseball game.”

“That’s not even the best part. We’re going with my co-worker, his wife and their granddaughter. She’s your age.” Her father gives her a big hug and a kiss.

As he leaves, Kim starts pulling out her clothes and thinks, “I only have four days to pick out my outfit. I hope that’s enough time. What will she be wearing? What will she be like? Will she like me? Could this be the beginning of finding my place in this new city?” Kim can’t control herself. She is both excited and afraid of the adventures that lie ahead.

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