Neighborhood Notes: Collier Township – “Nevillewood”

Neighborhood Notes: 						Collier Township - "Nevillewood"

From Poorhouse To Golfer’s Paradise – The Transformation of Woodville All that remains is a makeshift cemetery. The graves are abandoned, smothered by weeds and brush in summer, and buried by snow during winter. Tucked away in transitional space between one of Pittsburgh’s most upscale housing developments and the commercial/industrial area that supports it, there is one major gravestone, marking and commemorating the institution for

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Neighborhood Notes – How To Submit An Article

Neighborhood Notes - How To Submit An Article

Welcome to Neighborhood Notes – a great place to read about the many neighborhoods around Pittsburgh! We are always looking for interesting articles and information about the areas in our fair city. Whether you are a student who needs to be published, or someone with an enjoyable story to tell about your community, this may be just the place for you. While the majority of

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Neighborhood Notes: Somerset County – Shanksville:  “The Flight 93 Memorial”

Neighborhood Notes: 						Somerset County - Shanksville:  						"The Flight 93 Memorial"

The most striking aspect of the Flight 93 Memorial is how isolated and hauntingly quiet the crash site is. The stillness almost has a presence. Located 60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh in Stonycreek Township, near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the memorial is an easy day trip from the city, and one that packs a profound emotional experience. The memorial is 20 miles from Exit 110, the Somerset

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Neighborhood Notes: Brighton Heights – “Pappy’s Flowers”

Neighborhood Notes: 						Brighton Heights -  "Pappy's Flowers"

I’ve always enjoyed my neighborhood. A few years ago, I began to notice many improvements within the area, and realized that the Brighton Heights Citizens Federation was largely behind them. The BHCF has impacted Brighton Heights in the same way that other good civic organizations have added value to the neighborhoods they represent. I decided to attend one of their monthly meetings to show my

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Neighborhood Notes: Ross Township – “St. Benedict Academy”

Neighborhood Notes: 						Ross Township - "St. Benedict Academy"

The motto of St. Benedict is ora et labora, Latin for “pray and work.” Benedict, the patron saint of Europe, was a monk who lived 1500 years ago. Born in Nursia, he was educated in nearby Rome, but soon became repulsed by the decadence he found there. Desiring to serve God, he retreated to the mountains at Subiaco, where he lived as a hermit. Several

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The Strip District: A Place Like No Other

The Strip District: A Place Like No Other

Combine the hustle and bustle of a Turkish bazaar, the nightlife of Las Vegas, some of the finest ethnic cuisine, the fun of a street carnival, and the atmosphere of days gone by.  Add to this a thriving commercial center, and what do you get?  Pittsburgh’s Strip District–a place like no other. Since its founding, Pittsburgh’s Strip District has been a distinctive and vital part

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Ten Great Scenic Views of Pittsburgh

Ten Great Scenic Views of Pittsburgh

Our Ten Favorite Places Here are ten favorite places to photograph, record or paint Pittsburgh – in other words, the following are places that provide a great city view. True or False If you wanted to take a photo of THE most beautiful, greenest and friendliest city in the USA, you should have a camera in Pittsburgh.   Answer – True  A big part of

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The Walking, Magical Mystery Scavenger Tour of the North Shore

The Walking, Magical Mystery Scavenger Tour of the 						North Shore

Talk about makeovers! Pittsburgh’s North Shore, the banks of the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers across the water from downtown Pittsburgh, is one of several areas in Pittsburgh that has undergone revitalization in recent years. In addition to cultural, historical, sporting, and recreational attractions, this area boasts some of the most beautiful views of the city-and that says a lot, as this town is packed with

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The Walking, Magical Mystery Scavenger Tour of Oakland

The Walking, Magical Mystery Scavenger Tour of 						Oakland

Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood is the education center of the city, and each year thousands of students move into this area to attend one of the universities located there. Being a newcomer, or even a resident who hasn’t ventured to this area of the city recently, can be a bit overwhelming and disorienting. At Popular Pittsburgh we know how that is. A few years ago, my

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Pittsburgh’s Monongahela Incline: The City’s Workhorse

Pittsburgh's Monongahela Incline: The City's 						Workhorse

You may remember the Patty Duke Show, which debuted on television in the 1960s and still attracts new viewers decades later in syndication. The program detailed the antics of identical cousins, Patty and Cathy Lane, and how, though they may have looked alike, their personalities, styles, and tastes were different. If Pittsburgh had a Patty and Cathy Lane, they’d be the Monongahela and Duquesne Inclines.

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