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It’s a Family Affair for Pittsburgh Businesses

It's a Family Affair for Pittsburgh Businesses

Ford, Walmart, Hershey, Kohl’s-these large American corporations are household names.  But that wasn’t always the case.  Each of them started out as a small or family-owned business.  Henry Ford founded The Ford Motor Company when he developed methods for manufacturing automobiles.  Sam Walton had one small discount store when he went into business in 1962 in Arkansas.  Milton Hershey began selling caramels before he found […]

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Investing in Pittsburgh 

Investing in Pittsburgh 

#1 Yet Again! Recently, Sperling’s Best Places compiled its list of “Best Cities to Relocate to in America,” and topping it was none other than Pittsburgh.  Among the criteria used by Sperling to evaluate the cities were such elements as people, education, crime, climate, and economy.  All these aspects taken together contributed to a factor that distinguishes our city and makes it desirable for businesses […]

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Chambers of Commerce in the Pittsburgh Region

Chambers of Commerce in the Pittsburgh Region

Often times, being in business can feel like a lonely pursuit, but you don’t have to go it alone. The Chamber of Commerce can be a valuable resource for you and your business. For decades, enterprising Americans have recognized the benefit of being a member of a Chamber of Commerce. The first Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1599 in Marseilles, France, and the United […]

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Guide to Greater Pittsburgh Networking Organizations 

Guide to Greater Pittsburgh  						Networking Organizations 

The old saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know,” still applies today, and may be more important to your success than ever before. Because the marketplace changes so rapidly, and technology seems as if it becomes outdated as soon as it is released, it is important to network. In addition to the obvious goal of increasing business, networking organizations provide an opportunity for […]

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