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Empire Palace

Empire Palace

My first trip to the Empire Palace took place a few months ago.  A friend called to ask if I would meet him for lunch.  He was a bit surprised that I didn’t know anything about what he described as one of his favorite restaurants. While I wasn’t in “review mode” at the time, I can tell you that I left feeling that the food […]

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Franklin Inn

Franklin Inn

The Franklin Inn is a Pittsburgh restaurant specializing in Mexican food. Franklin Park, PA, where the Franklin Inn can be found, is a very comfortable, mostly residential section of Allegheny County located about 20 minutes north of downtown Pittsburgh. My first visit to the Franklin Inn came on a Friday evening, which I discovered is a very busy time for the restaurant.  From my chair […]

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Tapping into Pittsburgh’s Beer Scene 

Tapping into Pittsburgh's Beer Scene 

Pittsburgh’s Historic Beer Pedigree In Pittsburgh, the only flowing thing more beloved than our rivers is beer!  Almost as soon as people settled in the region, the brewing of beer began.  Let’s take a look back.  In 1765, the British Army established a brewery at Fort Pitt, making it the first brewery west of the Alleghenies.  In 1803, the Point Brewery was founded by Colonel […]

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