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What’s in an H?

What's in an H?

  What’s in a name?  Well, if it’s Pittsburgh, then it’s an ‘h.’  If you’ve never noticed, Pittsburgh spells its name with an ‘h’ at the end.  Of the many other Pittsburgs in the USA, including some 20 towns in New Hampshire, Maine, Illinois, Kansas, California, and Texas, all spell their name without the ending ‘h.’ ‘The Artist formerly Known as Prince’ isn’t the only […]

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Pittsburgh’s Marcellus Shale 

Pittsburgh's Marcellus Shale 

Marcellus Shale – you’ve probably heard the name bandied about on the news.  So who or what is Marcellus Shale?  Well, it’s not a character from the Flintstones or the name of a Motown singer.  Instead, Marcellus Shale is an enormous formation of sedimentary rock that spans the Appalachian Basin, running through areas in Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Maryland in the south and with larger […]

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