Pittsburgh Profiles: Andrew Carnegie – Pittsburgh’s Man of Stark Contrasts

Pittsburgh Profiles: Andrew Carnegie - Pittsburgh's Man of Stark Contrasts

Nearly 100 years after his death, Andrew Carnegie still provokes a spectrum of emotions, everything from admiration to disdain.  Perhaps that is because he himself was a man of stark contrasts.  His story is a fascinating one of rags to unfathomable riches, labor champion to union enemy, autocrat to delegator, ruthless competitor to the most magnanimous philanthropist in history. Andrew Carnegie was born on November […]

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Pittsburgh Profiles: Arnold Palmer

Pittsburgh Profiles: Arnold Palmer

Shakespeare wrote:  “All the world’s a stage.”  That may be so, but some make their entrance at precisely the right moment in history’s drama.  Such is the case with legendary golfer Arnold Palmer.  Counted among the greatest golfers of all time, Palmer made his debut during the rise of the television age, making Palmer a household name, setting off a boom in golf, and establishing […]

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Pittsburgh Profiles: Stephen Foster – The Nation’s First Pop Star

Pittsburgh Profiles: Stephen Foster - The Nation's First Pop Star

In 2012, Paul McCartney performed during the Grammy Awards show. Immediately, Twitter was flooded with messages asking who exactly was this McCartney chap? One-fourth of the Beatles, who, at one time, joked that they were more popular than God, McCartney arguably is one of the most well-known singer/songwriters in recent history. If McCartney has now slipped into obscurity among the younger generation, that only illustrates […]

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Pittsburgh Profiles: Michael Keaton – ‘Burgh Man

Pittsburgh Profiles: Michael Keaton - 'Burgh Man

Michael Keaton is truly a ‘Burgh Man. Like his hometown city, Keaton’s career has experienced some ups and downs.  His impressive body of acting work has spanned characters as dark as a January day in the city and as workaday as a PAT bus driver. Although a major star and with all that goes along with it, Keaton, if you scratch below the surface, still […]

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Pittsburgh Profiles: Mark Cuban – A Pittsburgh “Maverick”

Pittsburgh Profiles: Mark Cuban - A Pittsburgh "Maverick"

There are many things you can call Mark Cuban, but shy or retiring isn’t one of them. Wherever the billionaire and native Pittsburgher goes, he makes a big splash. Entrepreneur and owner of the NBA franchise Dallas Mavericks, Cuban was born in Pittsburgh on July 31, 1958 to Shirley and Norton Cuban, an automobile upholsterer, and was raised in Mt. Lebanon. His grandfather, a Russian […]

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Pittsburgh Profiles: Chip Ganassi – Pittsburgh’s Racing Mogul

Pittsburgh Profiles: Chip Ganassi - Pittsburgh's Racing Mogul

Before he became a championship team owner, this Pittsburgher was a competitor, and in the midst of his career, he suffered a serious medical setback. If you are thinking Mario Lemieux, you’re on the wrong track. Perhaps because he is so private or perhaps because this isn’t Daytona, Indianapolis, or Talladega, but whatever the reason, Chip Ganassi’s achievements are perhaps the most unsung in all […]

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Pittsburgh Profiles:  Andy Warhol – A Pittsburgher at the Core

Pittsburgh Profiles:  Andy Warhol - A Pittsburgher at the Core

Andy Warhol was an artist, a celebrity, a cultural icon, an eccentric, and, at heart, a Pittsburgher. While most people associate Warhol with the jet set and locations like New York City and Hollywood, most fail to realize how much of a Pittsburgher he was. Andy Warhola (he began to drop the “a” from his last name while in college) was born on August 6, […]

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Pittsburgh Profiles: Art Rooney, Sr. (1901 – 1988)

Pittsburgh Profiles: 						Art Rooney, Sr. (1901 - 1988)

Did you know the boyhood home of Art Rooney Sr. once stood on the same spot where Three Rivers Stadium would be built many years later, and where Mr. Rooney himself would be hailed as “The Chief?” Art Rooney was born in Coultersville, a town east of Pittsburgh, into a family that made their living as coal miners and steel workers.  His parents moved their […]

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Pittsburgh Profiles: Pittsburgh’s Homegrown Bishop – David A. Zubik

Pittsburgh Profiles: Pittsburgh's Homegrown Bishop - David A. Zubik

When author Thomas Wolfe titled his novel “You Can’t Go Home Again” in 1940, he could have never envisioned Bishop David A. Zubik. Bishop Zubik was born in the Pittsburgh area and defied Wolfe’s wisdom by returning home to the welcome of Pittsburgh’s Roman Catholic residents in 2007 as their twelfth Bishop. History of Bishop Zubik  David A. Zubik was born in Sewickley on September […]

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Pittsburgh Profiles: Chef Bill Fuller – Pittsburgh’s Culinary Chemist 

Pittsburgh Profiles: Chef Bill Fuller - Pittsburgh's Culinary Chemist 

The dictionary defines chemistry as the branch of science dealing with the composition, structure, and properties of substances, and the transformations that they undergo. It may seem odd that one of Pittsburgh’s premier chefs has a chemistry background, but when you broaden the definition of chemistry, the leap from atoms and molecules to appetizers and mousse is not a quantum one. Chef Bill Fuller of […]

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