The Mayors of Pittsburgh: 1794 to 1840

The Mayors of Pittsburgh: 						 1794 to 1840

The Chief Burgesses George Robinson (1794-1800) – First of the Chief Burgesses of Pittsburgh The records for leaders in Pittsburgh go back to the year 1794 with George Robinson as the first of eight Chief Burgesses of Pittsburgh. George, it seems, had a run in with the law when he was arrested by General Irvine’s troops, under the direction of President George Washington, for rebel […]

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The Mayors of Pittsburgh: 1840 to 1946

The Mayors of Pittsburgh:						 1840 to 1946

1840 to 1860 William W. Irwin (1840-1841) – Whig William Irwin had a favorite mode of transportation when he was a boy – a pony.  He acquired the nickname “pony Irwin” because he rode his pony wherever he went.   When Irwin was elected mayor of Pittsburgh in 1840, he focused on expanding the Pittsburgh’s infrastructure as well as city government.  The region was growing rapidly […]

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The Mayors of Pittsburgh: 1946 to 2014

The Mayors of Pittsburgh:						 1946 to 2014

David L. Lawrence (1946 – 1959) – Democrat In 1945, David L. Lawrence, an Irish Catholic Democrat, was elected mayor of Pittsburgh by a slim margin.  At the time, Pittsburgh was not a pretty place.  The smog was so thick that it was not unusual for men to change their white dress shirts in the middle of the day because they would become dirty from […]

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