‘Burgh Buddies: Kim Meets Allie

allie-ballgame-kimAllie and her grandparents wait by the main gate of PNC Park for Kim and her parents to arrive. Kim has just moved to Pittsburgh from Korea, and Allie is very excited to make a new friend. However, Allie wonders what Kim will be like. “Grandpa, does Kim like baseball?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, does she like to go hiking in the woods?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you think she’ll want to come over and play?”

“Why don’t you ask her? Here they come” Her grandpa replies.

Allie is delighted and waves, “Hi, I’m Allie.”

Kim shyly looks down, but manages to mumble “Hi. I’m Kim-So.”

“Kim Sue?” Allie seems confused.

“Yes but you can call me Kim if you want”

“Okay. Are you as thrilled as me? This is my third game of the season!” Allie beams.

Allies Pirate Game“I’ve never been to a game before.” Kim admits.

Allie is shocked “What! This is your first game ever?!”

“Where I’m from there is not a stadium close by.” Kim explains.

“Wow! I can’t even imagine that. I’ve been going to see the Pirates since before I can remember.”

“Well, I am really glad to attend my first game today.”

The game begins and both girls watch the Pirates play quietly. Grandpa Ferguson notices that the Kim and Allie aren’t talking and thinks that food will start a conversation. “Hey girls, who wants to get a hotdog?”

At this both girls perk up in their seats and shout “Me! Me!”

They go to the concession stand for hot dogs and drinks. On the way back to their seats when they pass the overflowing condiments, Kim comments, “Gross! Look at that big mess.”

“That’s not a big mess. You should have seen the mess Johnny made last week with a mustard bottle.”

Kim couldn’t believe it, “How can someone possibly make a mess with just a bottle of mustard?”

Allie giggles to herself, “It was hilarious.” We were having burgers for lunch and Johnny first loaded a mountain of toppings onto his burger. He grabbed the mustard bottle and squeezed but the tip was clogged. Mustard started oozing out the sides of the lid.

Kim chuckles.

“Wait!” Allie exclaims! “ It gets better. He and I were the only ones who saw this. He yelled to the rest of the table to watch how funny it was. This time when he squeezed the bottle nothing happened. So he squeezed harder. Suddenly the lid shot off and knocked Johnny’s burger into Linda’s and Frank’s laps. SPLAT! The rest of the mustard ended up on every kid at the table.”

Both girls bust out laughing. Kim is laughing so hard she almost falls out of her seat.

The girls spend the rest of the game talking and laughing. When they get up to leave the girls hug and know they’ve found a new best friend.

Allie's Question - 'Burgh Buddies

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