Kim’s Party

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Kim's Birthday Party
fffftt, ffffft, ffffft, pppppfffftttt. The balloon Allie is blowing up flies across the room. Roger tries to catch it as it whizzes by him, but when it finally lands in a “fffttt” Roger and Allie start to giggle.

Mrs. Ye laughs and looks at her watch “You two are silly. Alright let’s hurry up so we finish before Kim and her dad get back from shopping.” Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Oh no they’re back!” Roger says.

Mrs. Ye checked her watch again “Don’t worry Kim’s dad will call when they’re on their way, that must be Craig and Grant.” They all went to the door and let them in.

Kim’s mom greets the guests at the door, “Allie, Roger, this is Grant and Craig.” A chorus of hellos are exchanged in the tight entranceway.

“Why don’t you put your games in the living room with the ones Allie and Roger brought?”

“Okay Mrs. Ye!” the four of them sing as they run down the hallway with Allie leading the way.

“Which game should we set up first?” Craig asks.

“I brought UNO!” Allie yells proudly.

“Let’s play mine. It’s Operation” Roger suggests.

“Ooh! I brought Pictionary but Operation is my favorite,” Grant says.

“Mine too. Let’s get it out.” Roger and Grant start to open the box when Craig interrupts them.

“Have you ever played Sorry, It’s my favorite.” Craig holds his game up to the other boys.

With too many choices Allie throws up her arms “Wait! Let’s line them up for Kim. She should pick because it’s her birthday.”

“Good Idea,” Roger agrees.

As they finish arranging the games, Kim’s mom calls out, “Alright, Kim is on her way up the elevator now. It’s time to hide.”

Before anyone else has a chance to move Allie leaps behind the couch with the boys scrambling to hide in the first place available. Grant runs to the window and ducks behind the curtains and Roger and Craig bump into each other as they dive under the dining room table. They can hear Kim on the other side of the door.

As the door opens they jump out and shout “SURPRISE!”

Kim can’t believe her eyes. All of her new friends are here for her birthday, she is so excited that she gives each of them a great big hug.

“We brought a lot of games. Do you want to play them now?” Craig asks.

“Sure. Show me the games.” Kim says.

They all gather around the games and Kim picks Pictionary. They laugh at all the crazy guesses and silly pictures.

It didn’t matter which game was first because all the games were fun. They make jokes and giggle until it was time for Kim to open her gifts.

Allie grabs her gift and shoves it into Kim’s lap, “open mine first” she says excitedly.

Kim's Birthday PartyKim gently pulls off the wrapping paper and puts it next to her to save for later. Inside was a fashionable apron, a chef’s hat and a cookbook in Allie’s handwriting. Kim loves the apron especially, it’s so cute.

“Thanks. It’s just what I need for baking.” Kim comments as she looks through a few pages of the book“. Yum these look great.”

“Those are some of my Grandmother’s German recipes. We can cook them together sometime”

“Great! I can’t wait to cook with you.” Kim grabs another gift. “This one’s from Grant.”

Kim carefully opens the gift to find a music box. “Wow!”

“Open it.” Grant encourages.

As Kim opens the box a melody fills the room and inside a ballerina twirled “Grant it’s beautiful, I love ballet.”

Kim grabbed another gift and inside is a pink football jersey. Kim looked at Craig with a big smile, “This must be from you.”

Craig grins back, “Who else. You can wear it when we go to a game together, or like me you can wear it all thKim's Birthday Partye time!”

Kim opens Roger’s gift next. There were pencils every color of the rainbow, stencils of clothes and accessories and fabrics with all kinds of patterns and colors. Kim gives Roger a big hug.

“If you want to be a fashion designer you have to start creating your masterpieces now.” Roger says.

Kim thanks everyone again and moves her gifts off the table as her dad brings in the cake. They all erupt into song and when they’re done her dad says “Make your wish Kim and blow out the candles.”
“Wish for football tickets?” Craig blurts out.

“No, a pet!” screams Roger.

“Wish for world domination?” yells Allie.

“Or a microscope?” suggests Grant.

Kim knew exactly what she wanted to wish for, the thing she missed most. She closes her eyes and thinks, “I wish to have best friends like the ones I had in Korea.” Kim blows out all the candles in one breath. As she opens her eyes and looks around at Allie, Craig, Grant and Roger she realizes her wish has already come true.

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