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Our Mission at Popular Pittsburgh

We’re going to keep writing, taking pictures, and having fun with Pittsburgh information.

We want to put up great Pittsburgh recipes, interview exceptional and quirky Pittsburghers, and have public votes on everything from your favorite Italian restaurant to the best place to take a date in Pittsburgh.

We want you to be excited about the next contest, look forward to our next e-newsletter, and just more proud of this Steel City than a Steeler wearing a Super Bowl ring (or two, or three, etc…).

Because we’re not a big corporation with a fortune to spend, it’s going to take us years to fulfill our vision for this site, but we hope you’ll stay along for the ride.

We love this town!

We know your concerns. Is this some big outside corporation trying to make a buck on Pittsburgh’s good name?

No! (We’re still laughing…) The mastermind behind Popular Pittsburgh is a native son who started out making potholders for friends and neighbors as a kid. He’s no technological marvel, just a small businessman who’s proud of the place he calls home.

Tom Pollard is a hardworking Pittsburgher who has spent a lifetime promoting the Steel City through the sale of Pittsburgh souvenirs and memorabilia, as well as through his commercial photography. (Yes, every Pittsburgh shot we have is a Tom Pollard original.)

Tom loves the city, has an entrepreneurial spirit, and wants to help spread the word about Pittsburgh to the world.


Your Ornament Maker

Pittsburgh OrnamentAnd while you may never have heard of Tom before now, in his own way he’s a Pittsburgh original and one of Pittsburgh’s firsts.

Get on the web and look up “Your Ornament Maker.” No matter what search engine you use, from Google to Yahoo to Microsoft’s new BING, Tom Pollard Designs comes up #1.

What does Tom Pollard Designs do? They make custom made, gold plated brass ornaments and sell many stock Pittsburgh ornaments as well. Check it all out at www.TomPollardDesigns.com.

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