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Pittsburgh has often been characterized as a “shot and a beer town.” With the proliferation of so many small breweries in the area, the city today might be more aptly called “a shot and a craft beer town.” Pittsburghers have always loved beer (See Tapping into Pittsburgh’s Beer Scene), but the brewers in the area have undergone several transformations. In the late 1800s, there were many regional brewers, but in 1899, many of them banded together to form the conglomerate Pittsburgh Brewing Company, and big brewers reigned for nearly eight decades. However, since the 1980s, the shift in suds has gone from beers brewed by large breweries to ones brewed by artisans. The following is a list of craft breweries and brew pubs in our area:

B J’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

B J’s is a national restaurant and brewhouse chain with one location in Pittsburgh at McCandless Crossing. It has approximately a dozen hand-crafted beers on tap.  www.bjsrestaurants.com

Beaver Brewing Company

Beaver Brewing Company in Beaver Falls is a nanobrewery, meaning they are smaller than a microbrewery and all their beer is hand-crafted. www.beaverbrewingcompany.com

Bloom Brew

Bloom Brew began as a home brew, but because of its popularity, it expanded to a brewing facility in West Newton. All its beer is hand-crafted in small batches.  bloombrew.com

The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company

The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company opened in 2014 in Braddock and features year-round and seasonal brews.  www.brewgentlemen.com

The Church Brew Works

Some consider beer drinking a religious experience, and that belief will only be enhanced at the Church Brew Works where beer is brewed in a former Catholic church, St. John the Baptist, in Lawrenceville. Their award-winning brews are considered heavenly.  www.churchbrew.com/home.html

Draai Lag

Founded in 2009, Draai Lag was inspired by the small village breweries found in Belgium. Located in Millvale, Draai Lag features Belgian-inspired ales. It is the first brewery there since 1845.  www.draailaag.com/home.html

Duquesne Beer

“You can’t keep a good beer down” should be the theme of Duquense Brewing.  Since the late 1800s, Duquesne Brewing has been brewing its “Prince of Pilseners,” but its history has been spotty with Prohibition, labor strikes, and attempted takeovers. However, since 2010, Duquesne has been back and brewing its Pilseners at Latrobe Brewing Plant, the former home of Rolling Rock beer.  duquesnebeer.com

East End Brewing

Since 2004, the East End Brewing Company has been producing fresh, local beer at their brewery on Julius Street near Bakery Square. In addition to serving pints and growlers there, you can purchase growlers at their Shop in the Strip in the Pittsburgh Public Market. www.eastendbrewing.com/#freshlocalbeer

Four Seasons Brewing

Founded in 2012, Four Seasons brews its beer on the premises of their pub in Latrobe. Its beer can also be enjoyed at numerous establishments throughout the area.  www.fsbrewing.com

Full Pint Brewing

Full Pint Brewing in North Versailles offers seven beers that are available year round and seven seasonal varieties such as Rye Rebellion and 3-2-1 Win Beer, the favorite of the Pittsburgh Dad.  www.fullpintbrewing.com/pub.html

Grist House Brewing

It’s a family affair at Grist House Brewing in Millvale. Since 2012, brothers-in-law, Kyle and Brian have been brewing such acclaimed beers as Wheatin’ for the Weekend, Camp Slap Red, and Smoke on the River.  gristhousebrewing.com

Helltown Brewing

Due to bootlegging and a general disregard for the law in the 1700s, Mt. Pleasant became known as “Helltown.” Helltown Brewing is named for the town’s historical roots, and in keeping with the theme, has aptly named their brews with labels such as Perverse Stout, Extra Sinful Bitter, and Purgatory.  www.helltownbrewing.com

Hitchhiker Brewing Company

The Hitchhiker Brewing Company crafts its beer onsite in Mt. Lebanon. In addition to a variety of hand-crafted beers, Hitchhiker also brews root beer. hitchhikerbrewing.com


The Hofbräuhaus has been brewing beer in Munich for more than 400 years. Pittsburgh is such a beer lover’s paradise that the legendary brewery opened a location in Pittsburgh at the Southside Works.  It’s like a little bit of Bavaria in our own back yard.  hofbrauhauspittsburgh.com

Hop Farm Brewing Company

Hop Farm Brewing in Lawrenceville grows its own hops for use in its beers. Hop Farm IPA and One Nut Brown Ale are just a few of the offerings at their brewery.  www.hopfarmbrewingco.com/index.htm

North Country Brewing

Brewed in Slippery Rock, the beer from North Country Brewing was so popular that a canning facility opened in 2013, eight years after North Country Brewing opened its brew pub.  www.northcountrybrewing.com

Penn Brewery

Penn Brewery is a vanguard in the craft brewing scene.  They opened their doors in 1986 at the site of the former Eberhart & Ober Brewery at the foot of Troy Hill on the North Side. Enjoy the gold-medal winning Penn Pilsner at the brewery restaurant among others.  www.pennbrew.com/Home.aspx

Pittsburgh Brewing Company

For decades, Pittsburgh Brewing Company’s Iron City beer was the city’s signature beer. Located in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh Brewing has been selling suds since 1861.  www.pittsburghbrewing.com

Rivertowne Brewing

Rivertowne is a local chain of four restaurants with locations in Monroeville, North Huntingdon, North Shore, and Verona. The beer featured at the restaurants is brewed at its Export facility.  www.myrivertowne.com

Rock Bottom Brewery

Rock Bottom Brewery is a national restaurant and brewery chain with one location in Pittsburgh at the Waterfront in Homestead. Nearly half dozen beers are brewed on-site.  www.rockbottom.com/locations/pittsburgh

Rooney’s Beer Company

Before the name Rooney became synonymous with the Steelers, the name was associated with beer. At the turn of the 20th Century, the father of Art Rooney Sr. opened Rooney’s Pub on the North Side. Several years ago, the brews were revived and reintroduced to Pittsburgh.  rooneysbeer.com

Roundabout Brewery

Located at 49th and Butler Streets in Lawrenceville is Roundabout Brewery, which is the fulfillment of a dream to open a brewery for a couple who met while working in a St. Louis brewery. Their tap selections change every 3-4 weeks.  roundaboutbeer.com

ShuBrew Handcrafted Ales

Husband and wife team Zachary and Erika Shumaker are the founders of ShuBrew. Located in Zelienople, it is Pennsylvania’s smallest brewery. They brew approximately 155 barrels annually.  www.shubrew.com

Spoonwood Brewing Company

The Spoonwood Brewing Company in Bethel Park not only has artisan beers, but also has mead, cider, and wine on tap at its brew pub. spoonwoodbrewing.com

Voodoo Brewery

Located in Meadville, Voodoo Brewery offers six-year round brews at its pub there and also at a new location, Voodoo Homestead, at East 9th Avenue. www.voodoobrewery.com/about.php

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