Ten “Must Do” Autumn Family Activities

  • Nature Walks – It is said that angels whisper to you when you go for a walk. Nature walks are a divine way to bring the family together.
  • Geocaching – When you combine hidden treasure with technology, exercise, and a sense of adventure, you know you’ve got a winning family activity.Seasons_fall
  • Pumpkin Carving or Painting – Everyone loves a hands-on experience, and pumpkin carving or painting can’t get any more hands-on. Be sure to leave removing the slimy pumpkin innards for grandpa!
  • Fall Festivals – You’ve got to get that pumpkin from somewhere, and a fall festival is a great place to find that perfect one.
  • Make Thanksgiving Dinner Together – Thanksgiving brought the Indians and Pilgrims together, and it can do the same for you and your kin. Give everyone a job so that you can share in the feast along with your guests.
  • Visit a Haunted House – Many of the haunted houses in our area have a variety of age-appropriate attractions, but check first. You don’t want to deal with nightmares later.(link with new article on scary places in Pittsburgh)
  • Roast Marshmallows – Whether roasted on a roaring bonfire or around the hearth of your fireplace, there’s nothing sweeter than a family marshmallow roast.
  • Tell Spooky Tales – A family friend used to tell us stories around his fireplace in the dark whenever my parents visited his house. Four decades later, my siblings and I still remember that fondly. Your family will remember it, too.
  • Volunteer – I know of a family that would rather spend a day volunteering at an animal shelter than visit an amusement park. They are not only building memories, but also character.
  • Hug a Tree – How many trees can you identify? What’s your favorite tree? Why does the tree in your backyard turn red instead of gold in autumn? After all, Pennsylvania means Penn’s Woods. Don’t you think it would be nice to get to know your leafy neighbors?







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