Ten “Must Do” Summer Family Activities

  • Biking – You can cycle the city or wooded trails. For some suggestions, visit our articles Pittsburgh on Two Wheels and The Great Allegheny Passage.
  • Swimming – Swimming is a great bonding experience. It doesn’t get any better than cooling off in a local pool. If lakes are more your style, you don’t have to venture too far to find one.Seasons_Summer
  • Golf – Though golf can be a frustrating game when the game is not going your way, the consolation is that it gets you out and exercising in idyllic settings. It is also a great inter-generational sport as youngsters can do it was well as seniors.
  • Visit an Amusement Park – Some places don’t have any amusement parks in their area. If you are in Pittsburgh, several great amusement parks are just a short drive away.
  • Enjoy a Free Concert – The city and county offer free concerts at various sites throughout the summer. In addition, many of the festivals in town have live musical entertainment.
  • Geocaching – An outing that combines fun as well as skill is a winning combination. You will also get some exercising while tracking down treasure.
  • Cook-Out – Since caveman days, people have been cooking meals over a fire. Dining al fresco on grilled food is quintessentially summer living at its best.
  • Fireworks – Grab a blanket and stretch out on the cool grass to take in some beautiful fireworks lighting up the summertime sky.
  • Attend Neighborhood/Church Festivals – Festivals provide an opportunity to have fun and support your neighbors.
  • Ride an Incline – A little bit history, a little bit thrill ride, a lot spectacular view, our inclines are indisputably Pittsburgh, and every family should take a ride on an incline at least once during their lifetime.







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