Our Mission

The goal of Popular Pittsburgh is to share all of the things that we love about Pittsburgh and Southwest PA with anyone who will listen. We do so in the hopes that the content we build will cultivate an appreciation, understanding, and joy for all that Pittsburgh has to offer. Our talented writers, editors, photographers, and videographers create content to entertain and inform a Pittsburgh nation. Here, you will find an amazing events calendar, local entrepreneurs, and articles featuring unique personalities, histories, urban legends, recipes, and more!

Tom Pollard

Tom Pollard is the entrepreneur behind Popular Pittsburgh. A native son of the Steel City, Tom is proud of the place he calls home. Besides Popular Pittsburgh Tom owns Positively Pittsburgh, a firm that develops and distributes souvenir items, and Tom Pollard Designs, a company that designs custom brass Christmas ornaments for communities, churches, and business organizations across the country. For the past 5 years Tom has taken a back seat in the day to day management of his souvenir and ornament companies to devote time to Popular Pittsburgh.

Our Business Model

This venture is made possible by the sponsorship and support of our fellow entrepreneurs. As a small business ourselves, we make it a priority to spotlight the local entrepreneurs who bring Pittsburgh its vitality.

If you are interested in becoming one of our sponsors, we will send you a personalized sponsorship proposal, created to put your company in its best light. From small to big, we appreciate everyone who helps us make Pittsburgh shine.

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