Taste Real Maple Syrup

After enjoying real maple syrup, you may not be willing to go back to the store-bought stuff. Better yet, attend a maple sugaring event and learn that maple syrup doesn’t come from a glass bottle, but a tree.

Plant an Indoor Herb Garden

A little investment in the spring could pay off well into the fall. Your cooking will also improve dramatically by using fresh herbs.

Visit a Flower Show

Whether it’s taking a walk in your neighborhood to see the earth waking up in flowers, or taking in the greatest flower show in town at Phipps Conservatory, nothing spells spring like flowers.

Go Fishing

Fishing creates bonds among the anglers and results in fish tales told for a lifetime afterward. Visit our list of some places to go fishing.

Take a Walk

A nature walk can be great this time of year. The woods are waking up after the long winter. With so many parks in the area to choose from you’re sure to come across an exquisite view. You could also visit downtown to walk the city or take an incline up to Mount Washington for a walk and a view. Another interesting walk to try  is The Walking Tour of the North Shore.

Identify Trees

See who in your family can identify the most trees. Trees that blossom with pastel buds make the woods fragrant and a glorious place to be in springtime.


Plant a garden outside, or if that is too ambitious, sow some seeds in the dirt-filled Styrofoam cups and see what happens.

Go Bird Watching

The birds are especially active in spring. See how many you can find from our list of birds in the Pittsburgh area.

Try a Scavenger Hunt

Set up your own scavenger hunt or use Popular Pittsburgh’s Tour of Pittsburgh.

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