Titan Trail May 29, 2015 (3)

Pittsburgh is well-known for steel, sports, higher education and medical facilities, but what many may not expect is the great beauty the city and surrounding communities have to offer.  A perfect way to explore this natural splendor is the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.  The 24-mile-long trail will wind you through various neighborhoods of the city along all three of Pittsburgh’s rivers.  Popular among walkers and bikers, the trail is used for recreation and commuting.

One of the starting points along the trail is the Millvale Riverfront Park.  Millvale is a small community mere minutes from the North Shore and downtown Pittsburgh.  The park, located along the banks of the Allegheny River, holds beautiful views, a peaceful setting, and even a covered picnic pavilion where you can stop to rest or have a bite to eat before continuing further on your journey.  The park is used for many activities within the community, as well as by area school children for outdoor adventure and hiking field trips.

The Millvale Riverfront Trail, starting at the park and continuing southward towards the North Shore, is a 1.7 mile stretch along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.  Surfaces of the trail range from crushed stone to paved with a flat to low-grade incline.  While on this 1.7 mile trek, you will escape the realities of being in a large city as the trail meanders through tree-lined areas sitting on the beautiful banks of the Allegheny River.  Along the journey, you will pass near the 40th Street Bridge and down to the 31st Street Bridge.  From here, you can take a pedestrian bridge over to Herr’s Island where a spectacular view of the city awaits you.  You can then loop back from Herr’s Island and continue on towards the North Shore, PNC Park, and Heinz Field.

Whatever the reason for your outing, the Millvale Riverfront Trail and Park along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail is a must do and see!  Pack a lunch and bring along your sense of adventure.  You will not be disappointed by the natural beauty and unique views of Pittsburgh you encounter!