One hundred and thirty years after it opened at the Savoy Theater in London, The Pittsburgh Savoyards presented The Yeomen of the Guard at the Andrew Carnegie Library and Music Hall in Carnegie, PA. This production runs October 12-14 and 18-21.

If you haven’t seen this work before, you may hear terms and phrases that are not heard in everyday English but that won’t prevent you from following and enjoying the story. With all the twists and turns, I don’t think it would be a good idea to step out for a few minutes and expect to make sense of this complicated tale when you returned.

I applaud the entire cast. It took a little over two dozen entertainers to deliver this performance. The enthusiasm they demonstrated was appreciated by the audience numbering about 200 strong and ranging in age from teenagers to senior citizens.

The featured players delivered solid, inspired performances in this bittersweet musical.  I consider last night’s success truly a group effort. Regarding the story line, Andy Hickly plays a street Jester who has his heart broken at the end, Caryn Alexis Crozier has the role of the other traveling entertainer who finds love in the middle of tragedy. Sarah Perconte and Michael Greenstein play the do-gooders who end up getting the shaft.  Thespina Christulides and Corey Nile Wingard play characters who end up pleased with their upcoming marriages even though their future spouses may have reservations. Paul Yeater plays Colonel Fairfax who was saved from losing his head but showed little gratitude to those responsible for his freedom or the price they paid.  These are just a few of the talented people that stood in last night’s spotlight.  The real stars were Gilbert and Sullivan for writing the story and music for this tale of unintended consequences. And of course the director, Sally Denmead, for keeping so many elements together and moving towards the inevitable conclusion.

Overall, being at a live theater with a talented, enthusiastic orchestra …it was a good night.
By: Tom Pollard