For those whose palates prefer Asian cuisine, Sushi Tomo is the perfect restaurant for your next dining excursion. From the classic egg drop soup to the more exotic fish roe sushi, everyone will be able to find something they love. And the prices are reasonable, which is a plus for a college student or anyone who likes a good value.

Sushi Tomo is located at 4812 McKnight Road, about 15 minutes north of downtown Pittsburgh. Its quaint, square exterior disguises a simple but inviting interior. Escaping from the blustery cold of an evening in January, my dining companion and I found ourselves in a small entry way that extended out into a main dining area. A stately sushi-prepping station sat in the center with stool seating in front. We were greeted by our friendly hostess and guided through cozy and clean dining area to our table.

Once seated, we were introduced to our waitress who proceeded to hand us each a set of chopsticks and a warm towelette to wash our hands. Trying to master the chopsticks enhanced the cultural experience and fun, but I’m sure if I had asked, I would have been given silverware. Sushi Tomo’s menu features both Chinese and Japanese cuisine. They have the traditional fare from both cuisines and some more unusual dishes for those who consider themselves adventurous eaters.

Since my tastes typically fall on the safer side of Asian cuisine, I decided to be bold and dive in and experience something a little different. With the help of our friendly waitress, I ordered the Sushi Tomo Platter A, which includes 6 California Rolls, 2 Tuna Rolls, 2 Eel Rolls, and 2 Salmon Rolls. In addition to this sumptuous feast, my meal also came with a choice of soup or salad (I decided on wonton soup). As for my dining companion, he chose the Sushi Tomo Platter B, made up of 6 Salmon Rolls, 2 Tuna Rolls, 2 Yellowtail, 2 Squid Rolls, and 2 Flying Fish Roe Rolls with the wonton soup as his side also. Each sushi platter cost $20.95, but for the amount of food and its quality you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal.

Service was prompt. Our waitress delivered our soup within minutes of placing our orders. The warm broth and delicious, meat-filled dumplings soon erased any leftover chill from being outside. A bonus was that the dining room affords a great view of the sushi prep area, and I was able to watch as our sushi was made. I was amazed at how skillfully the chefs worked and how they focused their attention on each piece of sushi. It felt as if I was watching a masterpiece being created, a masterpiece that I was going to be able to eat.

Everything from the California Roll to the Eel tasted extremely fresh, with one flavor in perfect balance with the other. My companion was shocked by how much he liked the mysterious Flying Fish Roe Roll (only to later, humorously discover, he was eating fish eggs). Nevertheless, we ate to our heart’s content and found we both still had plenty left on our plates. Before even asking, our waitress gave us “to-go” boxes and went to get our check.

The food was delicious, fairly priced, and the service was extremely speedy and friendly. One thing is for certain, the next time I am craving sushi, I will be making my way down to Sushi Tomo.


By Tom Pollard