Whatever you are looking for—great people, a wonderful lifestyle, good jobs, excellent education, a rich history, or simply fun and recreation—Allegheny County has it. It is the second-most populous county in Pennsylvania and encompasses the city of Pittsburgh, which is its county seat. This area of the country is so desirable, it was not only fought over by the French and English in colonial times, but the Native Americans are believed to have also battled over this land. The name “Allegheny” is a Lenape name meaning “fine river,” but others think it may have come from an ancient tribe named the “Allegewi” who lived along the river banks and who were vanquished by the Lenape.
The county was officially formed on September 24, 1788, and has grown from a wilderness to a thriving region of the country. Today, county residents and visitors enjoy championship professional sports teams, exceptional educational institutions, rich culture, a growing economy and vast opportunity. Allegheny County has all the amenities of a highly populated area while maintaining a welcoming, friendly vibe. Listed below are some of the aspects of Allegheny County you may enjoy exploring.

Taking in the Views

Check out these articles we compiled to discover fantastic locales where history and magic collide.

Ten Great Scenic Views of Pittsburgh

PNC Park: America’s Most Beautiful Park

The Duquesne Incline: Pittsburgh’s Treasure

Food for Thought:

Pittsburgh offers a wide variety of eateries. With delectable bakeries, delis, cafes, and 5 star restaurants inhabiting our beautiful city, finding a spot to satisfy your cravings is as easy as pie!

Pittsburgh’s Fantastic Food Trucks

Pittsburgh Area Happy Hours We Love

Authentic or Unique Restaurants

Out and About

Because Allegheny County includes the city of Pittsburgh, there is an endless number of activities for the whole family. Whether you lead an active lifestyle, love a Sunday stroll around a local museum, or are in the mood for a show, Pittsburgh has it all!

Attractions of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh City Steps for Climbing

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