The Next 3 Days, 2010

John Brennan, played by Russell Crow, decides to force his wife Lara, played by Elizabeth Banks, to escape from the Allegheny County Jail.  Lara had been convicted of murder and is looking at being locked up for life, only to find her community college professor husband step up and plan the biggest escape since Mrs. Soffel helped Ed Biddle bust out of the old county jail.  John discovers that Pittsburgh is a tough place while he finds himself torn between pondering the purpose of life and discovering that his purpose is to do whatever it takes to make his dreams come true.   After all, everyone knows successful jailbreaks occur in Pittsburgh all the time, right?

Will John Brennan succeed where Mrs. Soffel failed? You’ll just have to watch the movie.

The biggest crime of this movie is the imbalance between the performances turned in by Crowe and Banks, and a script that just doesn’t measure up.

If you watch it with friends, you might experience conversations afterwards about how good Crowe, Banks and the city of Pittsburgh looked.  Don’t expect much talk about a clever plot.

Rated PG